Non-supernatural Books By Stephen King

Even though a lot of his books have supernatural elements, most of them are driven by character, while supernatural things might or might not happen around them.

So everything you love about his books that aren’t super natural, you get in all of his books. He’s very good at painting moods and getting you to love/hate characters. I personally am not a huge fan of all of the supernatural elements in his books but I absolutely adore most of them regardless because of how he made me feel so involved in the book throughout the story.

As for non-suerpnatural books I would try:

  • The Long Walk is an incredible dystopian novella.
  • Cujo is good too but it has a ghost in it, kind of, but it doesn’t really amount to anything.
  • Check out Different Seasons for
  • The Apt Pupil
  • Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption
  • The Body
  • The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon
  • 1922 (novella) from Full Dark no Stars

He has many short stories that are not supernatural. One of my favorites The Death of Jack Hamilton doesn’t seem to be talked about much. Check it out.

Also Big Driver and Blockade Billy are pretty good.

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