I Disagree

But the beautiful nature of the Culture is that if you disagree with it, you are entirely free to leave and do whatever you want.

That’s why a whole section split off from the main Culture to form the Peace faction, because of the Idiran War. And then another faction, the Zetetic Elench, split some time later because of their own different beliefs.

The Minds of the Culture created what they believed to be an ideal paradise for humans, but the key insight is that no human is forced to live in it. If you disagree, you can look for others that also disagree and split off with no negative consequences.

You could even just set off on your own too, if you wanted.

If you think there is a better way, you are entirely free to pursue it. Well, unless that way involves harming other people, then you might come against resistance.

On a side note, I read “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” and I don’t get how they’re considered artificial intelligence. They’re biological entities that need an autopsy to confirm they’re different from natural born humans.

I mean I get they are definitely artificial – meaning they are manufactured. It would be very difficult to argue they are not intelligent. Therefore AIs. But I think an AI does need be silicon (gallium/germanium/etc) based, otherwise they are just an organisum.

Suppose I made an intelligence comprised of a bunch of neuron type thingies I engineered. That’s all it is, engineered cells with some wires attached to certain of the in-the-lab manufactured neuron type thingies specialized to interface with a speaker and so on.

Would you say I had created an artificial intelligence?

Now say that is is a living breathing human, that was created differently. Human or AI?

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