Forgotten Realms Movie Was Once Officially Announced

Personally I never have high hopes for movies adapted from games or TV shows.

In my opinion, a film adaptation should at least be on par with the game or show it’s being adapted from. With upcoming adaptations from games like Hitman and being disappointed by The Last Airbender movie, I’m not sure how this will turn out but I don’t want to hype too much.

Need I remind you the first features Marlon Wayans playing a character named Snails…. SNAILS… The entire movie was one long and painful trope, that at a glance almost appeared to be an intentional jab with a dagger right into the gut of D&D culture.

The movie was abysmal at best.

And yet, if you ever get your hands on the DVD, watch the making-of documentary.

You’ll learn that Dungeons & Dragons was Courtney Solomon’s passion project. It was his dream and vision. It’s the story he always wanted to tell since he was a kid. It’s the reason and purpose he became a director. Because of this, we are treated to a vision of fantasy adventure by a guy who isn’t all there. Watching the interviews, you can tell he’s not operating on a full tank. Everything about the movie is so horribly misguided and awful. Jeremy Irons and Thora Birch both do amazing jobs of taking their acting to extremes, because this guy clearly doesn’t know any better.

I think that the best bad movies are the movies where somebody thinks they’re making a great movie, and I think the D&D movie is a pretty good example of it.

I thought the 3rd movie was… less than terrible. It wasn’t a great film by any means but I still drew entertainment from watching it.

For Forgotten Realms…

Personally, I think a tongue-in-cheek movie about playing DnD would be much better.

The players are played by Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Jason Long, etc. Then we keep flipping to the fantasy world, where their characters are played by people like Vin Diesel (an avowed player himself), Dwayne Johnson, and so on.

Flip back and forth to highlight the comedy. Have some really cool action and fighting scenes taking place in the game world. Make sure to include all the crazy hilarious shit that happens when a group of good friends sit down to play this game.

Have a character who’s new to game so he can get some of the rules explained to him (and the audience as well, for people who don’t know. Bonus points for doing it in a comedic way to still make it worth hearing for people who already know!) Basically I’m imagining an Order of the Stick movie, but interspersed with scenes of their players and what’s going on there as well.

That’s the problem with any DnD movie that would come out that’s based on one of their worlds and is just a high fantasy movie. It is ignoring DnD’s greatest strength: the fact that literally anything can (and usually does) happen when a group of people start playing this game . I’m not saying I don’t enjoy forgotten Realms or fantasy in general.

But to make a successful DnD movie?

This is the only way I can picture it.

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