Are you sitting there and thinking, geh, I wish I had a book about AI, maybe one which shows that…

AI are something akin to benevolent gods.

If that is true, then you should try and read Consider Phlebus or Use of Weapons.

They’re the only two out of five that I’ve read that is from the POV of someone who dislikes the Culture and it does not make these AI out to be benevolent. In fact, the more you read, the more you see that these AI are focused on creating their own image of paradise, and the subtleties in the writing imply that just maybe it’s not the best way. Or at least, the humans might disagree with the AI.

One word: Excession

Excession definitely paints the A.Is in a positive light, I feel, by presenting the kind of shit that they deal with that occurs at a much higher level than humans can deal with.

Look to Windward is also good at showing the Minds actually feeling guilt about the effects of their “management”.

Just goes to show how great Banks is as a writer.

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