But the Only Camera I Own Is My Phone

I want to get the most out of my cell phone photos so I have been working hard to learn new tricks.

So far, what really has jumped out at me is that cellphone cameras hate two things:

  1. Low light. Anything from dusk to dark, including artificial indoor illumination is usually terrible for a cell camera, especially if the image involves…
  2. Motion. The shutter speeds are already pretty low. Getting motion blur in a cell phone camera is as easy as deafening everyone you pass while on a Harley.

Places like this try and get you ready you ready to shoot spring flowers but I am not quite there yet. I often look at other photos (preferably at a similar focal length) and try emulate those with my phone, usually photographing people close to really fill the frame or create some distance from background to have a bit of bokeh and landscapes from an angle that really captures the scene.

If you are outside in daylight or inside with lots of daylight streaming in, a cell phone will take excellent photos. If you don’t have lots of light, be sure you don’t have any motion.

The problem is that most of the tips, the really common ones, include using an editing software sometimes (pixlromatic for example) and usually avoid using the cell phone flash unless you have to.

I have yet to find any really advanced stuff.

Not sure what kind of manual controls you have on the S4 but you might be able to adjust the iso or white balance for different situations. You can definitely get awesome pictures even just for a cellphone camera I just don’t know how to quite yet.

People ask me what I expect.

I know that a phone is something people need so it serves more purposes than just a device to take photos, because of this people will have more ‘free money’ available to purchase one than something specific like a camera.

I looked around for normal tutorials, and I am working on perfecting composition and framing. That can be done with any camera. What I’ve learnt when trying to get some snaps with my iphone 5 is that don’t bother if there isnt an abundance of light otherwise they will be very noisey. Direct sunlight is your friend but I am also working on using the Rule of Thirds grid, it should be an option in your camera settings.

And then simply experiment.

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