So the thing with Asimov books themselves aren’t exactly filled with action. as he said himself, everything happens off stage.

The thing that makes the foundation amazing is the depth of the universe and the way that asimov weaves the stories throughout the lives and generations of people who live. I mean it spans hundreds of years and you get to witness the birth of ideas, the implementation, the follow up, the corruption, abandonment, and faith.

It’s a saga of the human experience, over hundreds of years, told in a way that makes you question everything you know about your own past.

It’s also the story of the fall of the roman empire, 20,000 years in the future.

Remember that he’s a great short story writer and so lots of the foundation is built out of small stories that only indirectly relate to one another. Watching a person grow old, and then see the story from his kids point of view, then watching them grow old, until the new generation doesn’t even know if the old guys existed is fascinating to me.

I think you read all of that and only got hooked on the action. But not filled with action says quite a lot.

My first read through, when I saw that they were considering doing a movie of it, I thought “This will be cheap to produce, get an office and have three people in the room talking for two hours then call it the best sci-fi ever made.” The second, it was far better.

Asimov isn’t for everybody.

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